Australian education

Australian Education Path which is broadly known as Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) has seventeen national qualifications in three different sectors of accreditations: School sector, Vocational Education and Training Sector, and Higher Education Sector. Schools, Colleges, and Universities are three types of institutions.

Australian Education Pathway


Australian Education Path


Both small and large types of schools offer primary (year 1 to year 7), secondary (year 8, 9, and10), and senior secondary (year 11 and 12) education.


Both private and public colleges (TAFE) offer English Language, Vocational, University preparatory, Bachelor level courses. Some Universities Affiliated Colleges also offer Masters courses.


Universities are larger and government funded. There are 37 public and 2 private universities in Australia. All universities of Australia have three primary roles:

  • Storing knowledge;
  • Transferring knowledge to others;
  • Creating knowledge.

However each university may have its individualised goals, missions, purpose, modes of teaching and research methods. Australian universities have high reputation in the world. Recognized courses, various scholarship programmes, diverse cultural environment are some important features of Australian Universities. Find here more about Australian education.