Life in Australia

Life in Australia

Cost of Living

The approximate cost of living  would be A$250-A$350 per week per person. The breakdown of the living cost is as follows:

Rent:                    $100-$140

Grocery:               $100-$140

Travel:                  $40-$50

Communication:  $10-$20

These figures are per person per week. If you live with your partner it will reduce slightly. You may want to try following links to find a place for you:

Real Estate

Life style

Independent, friendly and laid back are three words that enough describe life style in Australia. No worries!


Show your willingness to take the challenge and realise the strength of your capabilities. These skills will ever prepare you to open the doors for jobs.


English is Australia’s main language however knowing few gestures from other languages will definitely increase the comfort level between the colleagues and friends. Arvo, Booze Bus, Dunny, G’day, Smoko are some Australian colloquial expressions and slangs.


Because Australia welcomes people from all over the world, there is a diverse culture. Beaches, relaxing weekends, and holidaying quite often are some common cultures though. BBQ, fishing, etc are refreshing activities in Australia.


In Australia, you will meet diverse people. Everybody is friendly and cooperative. Please do not hesitate to help others or ask help from others.


Australia is the sixth largest country of the world and is divided into six states and two territories. It is surrounded by Indian and Pacific oceans in all directions and the eastern coast is highly populated compared to other locations.


You will get to eat anything you like. You will never miss your home food. Australia wide there are shopping centres where you can buy food you like to eat. You may want to eat at restaurant or food court or cook at your place. You may want to by vegetables from supermarkets or vendors at the streets. Fresh fruits come from Australian farms. Seafoods restlessly scrumptious come from Australian farmers.


All cultures of the world are in Australia. You may like to wear Hawaiian shirts and Jeans or summery singlets and sarongs or Tees and shorts. Your shopping centres are at your doors.


Hollywood or Bollywood is just out at the cinemas. The Cinemas are normally located at shopping centres. How about movie and shopping? Other than that you have more outdoor activities at the park, beach, forest and pubs. You want to try skydiving, scuba diving, snorkelling, camel ride, rode trip or BBQ.


Telstra, Vodafone, Optus are some widely used communication networks. However, there are other several companies which offer some reasonable deals suitable for the overseas students.


As always, Australia is very popular for the cricket team. Being the country with coasts, the water games such as swimming, surfing are also very popular sports in Australia. Besides these, Australia is also famous for the Melbourne Cup- a horse riding competition held every year and football games.


As overseas students, you will have to get a private health insurance which will guide you further to keep your health expenses covered. If you get sick, depending on your health condition you will first go to GP and then specialist. Your health expenses are mostly covered  by your insurance provider. Overseas Student Health Cover is one of the mandatory conditions to obtain visa and stay in Australia as a student.