Study in Australia

Sttudy in Australia

About Australia

According to Australian Government, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia is a stable, democratic and culturally diverse nation with a highly skilled workforce which stands one of the strongest performing economies in the world.

World’s sixth-largest country, Australia has spectacular landscapes and rich ancient culture compared to none in the earth.

Australia is known as a land of happy life with serene and natural environment ranging from tropical rain forests in the north to the red deserts of the centre, from snowfields of the south-east to the Australian Antarctic Territory.  Find here more about Australila.

Why study in Australia?

World class education, Mediterranean to sub-tropical weather, plenty of work opportunities, relaxed lifestyle, highly balanced culture, safe to live, and a very developed country– what else do we need to worry about? Hence, Australia  is the best study destination. Find here more reasons why should sudy in Austalia.


Australia being an English Speaking Country, good score on IELTS or TOEFL is a must. Also, continuous study status from your home country and evidence of good financial documents will reduce your visa risk. Students having good academic grades always deserve some scholarships. Find here about scholarships.

Study Cost

The approximate study cost each semester would be A$5000-A$12000 depending on the level of your course and the provider. Generally, Masters Degree would cost minimum about A$36,000, Bachelor Degree $48,000 while one year diploma would cost about A$8000. Find here more about study costs.

What after study?


Skilled Migration Internship Programme (SMIP) is one of the options for students from specified area of studies to enhance skills and work experience in Australian workforce culture. Upon successful completion of the SMIP  you are awarded 5 points to count against the points required for Australian Skilled Migration Scheme. Click here for details.


Trust yourself you are doing employable course. If you have chosen the right field of study then there are high chances that you will get the job is the respective field. Just make sure you understand the value of time and put your effective effort in looking for the jobs before you graduate.

Further Studies

Study never ends! If you want to study further then make sure to surf the universities’ or colleges’ websites, talk to your professors and get some valuable ideas, talk to your education consultants  and always keep your eyes open for the scholarships. Stay alert for internship opportunities too.


Graduation is a time of celebration and happiness out of your all hard work you have done during your study tenure. Always plan beforehand to invite your families and friends on your graduation ceremony. After all, you deserve a bit of happiness after your hard work.


Every life has a motto; a good family, a good career and a good lifestyle. If you work hard during your study time, settlement after finishing your studies won’t be a big challenge in Australia. Life is often simple in Australia. You already know it by now. The post-study work visa time will allow you to look for some migration options too. Most popular migration option is work sponsorship! Regional Australia needs you! Just be there; settlement is next step.

Happy Home

After completing the intended course you may opt to return your happy home with lots of experiences, dreams, love for your family, friends and your country. You are now most eligible Australian graduate who can do so many things in your home country. You have now transformed yourself from earn-by-living to live-by-earning person.