The main objective of this organisation is to provide any aspiring students and their valued parents with authentic, lawful and real life based educational information and services for studying in Australia. Students are advised and encouraged to get counselled by only experienced counsellors who can provide you with genuine and real information that you NEED to study in Australia. Choosing of right course, college or uni and location will surely impact your life style in Australia.

Studying and working in Australia will be a great fun! Backpacking is a real life exploration for gaining professional and educational experience and enriching knowledge in language, food and culture. And yes observably Australia is a safe and highly balanced multicultural country in the world. Getting some travel phrases like g’day, bonjour, nihao, bonjorno, anyo ashyo, sabadika, namaste is really good way of familiarising yourself and building mateship with different people from all corners of the globe.

Australia has had a need and demand driven workforce which time and often changes and that can affect your decision too. So it is really crucial for you to choose right course at right location. Worried? This means you are concerned about your courses and institutions  in Australia. We have good answers to your queries and confusion. We can help you decide!

How do we reach you?

Lots of thanks to technology! We are available on live-chat, skype and facebook.  We promptly respond to your any enquires emails and our representatives are spread worldwide and may be in your country too. And you can ring us on our hotline.

Our services

  1. Finding suitable course and the provider
  2. Processing admission application
  3. Assisting in visa documents and application
  4. Pre-departure briefing
  5. Training on writing resume

How does an educational consultant at Tara Education Consultancy  work? 

  • Brings firsthand knowledge and information of Australian schools/colleges/unis and program options and opportunities to students/parents.
  • Keeps abreast of constant changes in the fields of education and the regulations.
  • Coordinates with other professionals and authorities for necessary services and evaluations.
  • Follows up with students and/or staff in school/college/uni and programs as per student/parent request.
  • Provides students/parents with essential information about Admission/Intakes/Fees/Requirements/Scholarships and other essentials like documents required for admission.
  • Folders all individual students’ documents and keeps them all confidentially.
  • Enables students to do some study researches.
  • Guides students in their study direction and destination.
  • Strengthens students’ decision making capacity in choosing subjects if required.
  • Keeps connected with students/parents.
  • Works in a friendly manner and makes students feel more confident.
  • Does not fabricate information nor bends the truth.
  • Does not guarantee visa nor assures the same.
  • Takes initiatives in students’ queries and responds promptly.
  • Orients all students before they leave the country.